Bias-cut Ballet Skirts For All Dancers



Mv name is Johanna Aurava, and I'm the adult ballet student / blogger / sewist behind "Pointe Til You Drop" and "PTYD Ballet Skirts". 

I've taken adult ballet classes since 1991 (times flies when you dance!), but I didn't discover the charm and flattery factor of ballet skirts until relatively late, about 7 years ago. I just  like how a skirt gives you a bit (or a lot) of extra coverage, and I love how the "flowy-ness" accentuates your ballet line. It's an elegant, feminine touch - and works just as well over short shorts and leggings, as it does over classic pink tights.

When I started making my own skirts in 2018, I had just started to study for a professional degree in Custom Dressmaking. Designing my own ballet wear was a matter of course. I wanted to create a skirt that would flatter all dancers and body shapes, which is why I cut my skirts on the bias for the most flattering, hip-skimming drape. A bias-cut layout uses up more fabric, but I do not want to compromise on the fit. A beautifully fitting dance garment can do wonders for your overall confidence - or just add something lovely to your (wardrobe) presentation.

I hope you enjoy my skirt designs as much as I do... Much happy dancing to you!


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Gentle hand-wash with a mild detergent in cool or tepid water is recommended. Do not leave fabric to soak to prevent possible color bleeding. Leave to dry flat. Iron with a low setting, or medium (**) steam setting, provided you use a teflon-based steam iron. Do not iron the elastic tie, or it will melt.

TIP: Synthetic fabrics like polyester can create static electricity when coming into contact with other synthetics (like your tights). To avoid clinging skirts, add a little fabric softener to your wash. Or you can use my trick: Take a small face mist bottle, mix un-scented fabric softener with water in a 1:4 ratio, shake and spray on your skirt's inside. Let dry & wear!